[articulated illustrations of extraordinary individuals part 1]

“goodbye, i’ll probably never see you again,” is not a great closing line, regardless of your circumstances. although, i will say that if you have recently run over someone’s cat with your car, you may want to console the victim by saying - aside from replacing their cat - that they won’t have to see your face again. 

anyways, since I hadn’t just killed any cats, telling the friends I had made while living in scotland that i most likely would never see them again wasn’t really something i was looking forward to doing - so I never did. instead i decided to approach them separately and see if they would be willing to create a portrait together. in my opinion, creating a portrait collaboratively necessitates the fostering and expression of a relationship. i wanted to incorporate some aspect of written words into each photograph, but chose to let the models decide which words and where to put them.

so here they are, our four portraits, my secret farewells, and the illustrations of five extraordinary people…

1. gerald: trust me, this guy is nuts. look at him back there behind that hand of his. i mean honestly, who would ever say, “does this help me grow in love”? but that’s gerald for you; the ultimate compartmentalizer of relationships, commitments, and values. although he is nuts, he is also one of my dearest friends. at the moment this photograph was created, gerald had centered himself around the desire to increase the amount of love in his life. so he simply decided to approach every decision he encountered with this question in his head. it is no wonder it was his answer to my question, “what one phrase captures your current mental state?”