[articulated illustrations of extraordinary people part 4]

4. sarah and conner: for some reason nowadays, we call it ‘old fashioned’ love. the kind where you get excited to hold the other’s hand, when you formally ask them if they want to date you, and where you appreciate all the little flaws in the other. unfortunately, today this is harder and harder to come by; in a culture dominated with hookups and friends with benefits, this ‘old fashioned’ love is almost forgot. i don’t want to brag, but i was the first person to know about sarah and conner’s relationship. i bet it is because i am so trustworthy, or because i have an inherently high emotional intelligence, or simply because i bumped into them one night as they strolled around town holding hands. either way, sarah, conner, and i developed a strong friendship, one where i was able to witness their relationship grow and their ‘old fashioned’ love develop. why ‘hope’? because of their shared hope for the future, and because of my hope for them. 

well there you have it, four portraits, five people, and one fujifilm x100s. during this process, i truly came to appreciate the optical viewfinder on my x100s. interacting and engaging with my friends while in the context of the photoshoot was essential for me, and being able to see beyond the frame lines helped me feel grounded in the scene. the small and subtle body of the camera coupled with the optical viewfinder freed me up to continue to discuss the mood of the image or the message we were collaboratively attempting to present. 

“goodbye, i’ll probably never see you again,” is most definitely a terrible closing line, but how about, “until next time my friend.” that is what these portraits say to me; not goodbye, but rather i’ll see you later. capturing a relationship with one photograph is not an easy task, but having my x100s by my side made it that much more manageable … and fun.